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Fundimertal Armando
"Mas de dos siglos creando Arte en metal"
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This merchant belongs to the association Unión de Pequeños Agricultores.

Fundición artística decorativa


Amando Fundición de Arte is a foundation workshop #243;n artística, which has been doing high quality foundation work since #243 1810. We professionally handle all técnicas, from bronze to lost wax, to the traditional process of sand, microfusión, and cerámica.


Amando Fundición de Arte has its own brand that identifies his works. In the foundation#243;n, we develop elements of urban architecture and constructive elements, to beautify with the art of #243;n our streets and houses. The products we manufacture include artíprotocol asses of different applicationón, awards and awards, corporate gifts, large-scale objects for públicas squares, urban furniture and a wide variety of artíreligious asses, for Easter, neocatechumenal, bells, etc.


We currently make up a team of 5 people.