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Fernando Piró
"La mejor atención al cliente es nuestro mayor logro."
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La tradición goldsmith in the Piró family; dates back #241 to 1925.

Fernando Piró, third generation #243;n of this saga of artisans, opens his own studio in the #241 year 2000, after a #237 period of training #243 in the family workshop, complemented by different títulos académicos.


Tercere generation #243;n of a goldsmith saga, whose pieces combine the know-how inherited from parents to children, with a careful process of artisanal #243 production, in which we turn our special sensitivity in each of our interventions.


Fernando Piró has participated on several occasions in the craft fairía de Milán (L´artigliano in fiera), así as in other national fairs. He is the author of numerous works of goldsmithingía and restoration #243 for different entities and #250 public administrations.

Montserrat Cid García


Ha llegado envuelto para regalo, muy bien...muy bonito.

28 Jan, 2022