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"Esencia natural de nuestra tierra"
Elaboración Cosas Naturales


It is almost a teenager Albert (one of the managers) livedó from within the creationón of the cooperative Cinctorres Aromàtiques, an initiative that at the beginning of the años 2000 aimsíto develop the cultivation of herbs aromáticas in the area of Els Ports as an alternative to the producción agrícola of the region.

The cooperative was the embryo of Esencias de Els Ports, S.L., a project that Albert launched together with Jaime, in 2016, and that we acquired the properties of the cooperative, also the distillería, to give a boost to the business.

Our idea was to start with 10-20 hectáreas of aromatic plants to harvest, distill, produce and market our own essential oil.


The fact of betting on the essential oils business, apart from being one of the industries with más projectionón and growth in the últimos años, is because it is an activity that is not competition for anyone, in an area with livestock tradition, and always brings something more ás to the region.

Ny currently we already manage 110 hectáareas of cultivation in different areas of the region but we want to reach 150 hectáreas.

Currently we have products made naturally from the harvest of our aromátic plants and their distillationón to obtain essential oils, for subsequent sale both retail and wholesale. Our projection is to elaborate our own línea of natural products of cosmética and flavorings.


Our team isá formed by Albert and Jaime, two young entrepreneurs and a worker. We are people who love the land we work and where we live, with the desire to create natural products of the area, being respectful of the environment.

José Generoso

"Ha llegado en perfecto estado.dentro del plazo de entrega.el producto muy bueno, lo que esperaba de él."

El producto ha llegado bien empatado y era lo que me esperaba

04 Apr, 2022

¡Muy buenas! Nos alegra ver que tu experiencia con Esencias de Els Ports ha sido agradable, José. Cuenta con nuestra ayuda siempre que la necesites. ¡Un saludo!