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It's Mallorca's garrover
"El mejor desayuno"

This merchant belongs to the association FADEMUR.
You can find out more about her on herwebsite.

Desayunos Ecológicos


Since 3 generations ago, Joana's family has been engaged in the production of #237;on, transformation #243;n and sale of algarroba for animal consumption. Joana, after many years #241 of work in banking,dió a 365 º turn to her life and decided to dedicate the #243 mselves fully to creating a line of ecológicos and sustainable products for human consumption. Así, in 2015 creó "Es garrover de Mallorca", a project oriented to the promotion #243;n of sustainable cultivation. A project in which Jaona canía dump her great love for the product and for our tender aGarrobo is a árbol típeak in the landscape of our islands being able to take advantage of its fruit is dignify it. Algarroba is a very energético food. very rich in natural sugars and tannins and source of B vitamins and iron. Our idea always fué take advantage of all the benefits of this fruit of Persian name and origin Asiático whose valuable seed, #243 traveling a long way to Mallorca through #233 the corridor of the Mediterranean Seaáneo to stay. The result is the Johannis.

ecológicos product line.


Our #243; is the research #243;n for the subsequent processing #243 of products derived from the algarroba and its distribution #243;n on the market. We want to boost sustainable agriculture and take advantage of the island's wonderful resources. Boost the consumption of fences. The values that define us are: Support for farmers. We are ecológicos, éticos and sustainable, taking care of our fields, our landscapes, our environment and our structure #243;n además to be a project aware of the need to actively participate in the integration of groups #243 with special needs.


There are three of us.