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Elements SunScreen
"Bueno para ti, bueno para la naturaleza"
Protectores solares naturales saludables y respetuosos con el Medio Ambiente.


Elements Sunscreen was born in Málaga with the desire of its promoter Ana Cano to offer healthy and environmentally friendly natural sunscreens.

Ana holds a Degree in Química and An Expert in Cosmética and Dermopharmacy, although she is above all a lover of nature, the environment and a healthy and conscious lifestyle.

Pués going through different work experiences decided to take #243; take the step and dedicate yourself to what you really like, a project that aims to care for people's health and the environment.

Depressing the need today in día to protect us from the sun, he wanted to offer natural sunscreens, that effectively protect from the sun, that was natural, that it would bring care to the skin and that did not harm the environment.

The result is high quality products that effectively protect from the sun, with ingredients selected to provide moisturizing and nourishing properties for the skin #225 in addition to acting as antioxidants and protecting from the effects of free radicals, as well as #225 being biodegradable and environmentally friendly, especially with the marine environment.


We want to develop a range of natural products related to the protection of the #243 sun, we have currently introduced to the market #237 a line of natural, healthy and environmentally friendly Sunscreens.

On products made with high quality natural ingredients and carefully selected to protect from the sun in an effective way #225 in addition to taking care of the skin, moisturizing and nourishing it.

Our products comply with current regulations and are #225;n registered on the European Portal, as well as #225;s están dermatológicamente tested, with a result of 0% irritationón cutánea and very good cut toleranceánea.

We are constantly training #243;n and continuous monitoring of the últimas news and research in the sector to be able to develop natural products of the best quality and respectful to the environment.


Somos a family business that we have decided to change the course of our lives to dedicate ourselves to what we like #225 most, developing sustainable products that are beneficial to people's health and environmentally friendly.

  • Ana Cano: Graduated from Química, director and responsible técnica.
  • José Manuel Gil: Engineer Técnico in Telecommunications, web manager, communication #243;n and marketing.