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The Paeller
"El ritual de la Paella a leña en 18 minutos"
Preparados a leña 100% naturales


In 1995 Rafael Margós tenía sueño: bring paellas to leñto everyone.

Algo that seemed #237 unattainable to an entrepreneur who leftó agriculture for serving the paellas he learned from #243; cooking from his mother. But his concern took him to #243; to investigate a lot and inscribe the first rehearsal of conservation #243 of paellas to #241;a. Today his eldest son, Rafa, has been able to turn that #241 into reality,

Tras 25 años experience in the world's largest más paellero and with more #225 than 300,000 paellas cooked in leña, Rafa gets all its paellas to have the same color, aroma, texture and magnífico flavor. A skill that has allowed you to strike the necessary balance between artesanía and industry to make possible the first paella preparation cooked with leña, ready to take anywhere in the world.


The Paeller is the único prepared from paella to leña from the market, with 100% natural and gluten-free ingredients. Each pack contains rice, broth and ingredients for 2 people, carefully crafted to enjoy a paella a leña in just 18 minutes.

Rafa sofríe and prepare the ingredients to the orange #241;a. It interrupts the cooking and packages it at the time idóneo to maintain all its nutritional properties and all flavor. He only uses natural and close-#237;a products, mainly from the Valencian Community, as he has been doing all his life. And first he did #237;an his father and grandmother,

Currently there are four preparations to leña available: Valencian Paella, Senyoret Rice, Vegetable Paella and Duck Paella and Mushrooms. Traditional recipes of the Valencian Community to which you will goán adding new, in function #243;n of seasonality and season.

All El Paeller products have a preferred consumption of 8 months so that paella, in its original versión, can travel to any corner #243 of the planet.


Además by Rafa Margós, the team of El Paeller is made up of Guillermo Navarro and José Maza, co-founders of Wikipaella, the #243 association for the knowledge and recognition of the paellas clásicas of the Valencian Community.

They are also #233 responsible for getting the #PaellaEmoji on all móvil devices on the planet.

Projects that share the común goal that joins this trío: bringing rice to leña and the experience of the ritual of paella.

Jacqueline Retes Coullandeau

"Buena presentación"

Se puede regalar porque llega con muy buena presentación. Yo lo compré para casa y resultó una paella exquisita, me falta coger bien el punto para eliminar un poquito de líquido que me quedó

06 Jul, 2021

Hola Jacqueline,

Muchas gracias por tus palabras positivas, vemos que comentas que te quedo un poquito de caldo. Hemos elaborado un videotutorial que puedes encontrar aqui, por si te sirve de ayuda:
Una vez mas, ¡Muchas gracias!

Equipo El Paeller

El Paeller 27 Aug, 2021
Marina Del Barrio Pérez

"Todo perfecto"

Servicio eficaz, buen embalaje y llegó puntualmente.

20 Dec, 2022

Gracias por tu comentario Marina. Nos alegra que hayas tenido una buena experiencia con El Paeller. ¡Esperamos verte pronto de nuevo!