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The Green Carrycot
"El Capazo Verde 'melocomosano'"
Actividad avícola ecológica

In 2015 we startedó our avíqueue activity. The first inmersión in this project was carried outó with 360 hens. We did a project with which we wanted to #237 complete a quantity of más of 2000 birds in five naves, a figure that we recently reached in this 2020.

Spíwe are at the beginning of the family land, already declared as ecológico. After that, and with a lot of brakingí and desire, we set up all the facilities and have generated with great daily effort the objective of being able to be fulfilled to offer a quality, sustainable, artisanal and environmentally friendly product in shops and homes in several cities.


For a hen farm to be legally classified as ecológica, it must comply with 3 essential regulations:

  1. Thent animals enjoy a regulated freedom over stipulated distances;

  2. The #243 feed comes exclusively from ecológico crops completely free of any product that #237;mico;

  3. As we are attached at the same time as audited by the committee #233; ecológico of our #243;n, in our case the CAAE aragonés.

A particular level, the daily work consists in the management of our vessels so that the birds have in the best conditions their food, drink and nesting equipment (where they lay eggs). the manual collection of eggs, their classification #243;n and packaged in the center annexed to the farms and, of course, the distribution of #243 the packaged product, which we #233 also carry out


We have in mind the construction #243 of a farm of greater dimensions and better equipment in order to supply a larger area #225;s wide, so that we did not find it much moreás effort, being able to generate some #250;n job and without forgetting the beginnings and the privilege of being able to carry out our work on the grounds of our locality and particularly where our parents and grandparents were able to carry out their crops since the beginning of the last century.


We are a totally family business composed of two brothers. Although all kinds of help is received as soon as it is necessary by our wives, sisters and parents,