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"Camina como nunca, pero no vistas como siempre"
Elaboración de Zapatos


ECOBLAINERS is a company project that was born #243; thanks to the unión of 2 jóvenes entrepreneurs of Bilbao with diverse profiles. The initiative emerged ó in early 2018 by the desire to create a new product in terms of style/design#241;o, and además, to do so with sustainable and quality materials, with the mínima ecológica footprint possible.


Our goal is to develop a fully sustainable footwear, using recycled, natural, orgánicos and vegan materials. In addition to #225;s, we wanted to mix our philosophyía ecológica with a style étnico, which represents better than none, another fundamental aspect of our shoes, the artesanía. All our models are #225;n handcrafted in España, #233 also guaranteeing fair trade.


Currently ECOBLAINERS consists of two jóvenes emprendedores.