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"Decora, regala y sorprende"
Regalos originales y diferentes


All this began#243; by looking in a “different way” the beauty and freshness of the #241 designs of the artist Fermín Lazcorreta (my brother). I found them so beautiful and auténtics in their simplicity and complexity, that I wanted to put them within reach and enjoy a lot of más people.

In this fabulous process discoveredí my own need to “draw and build”. Así, in the año 2016 I startedicié my learnings in a self-taught way researching with a tool, ¿the ray lábeing? that, again, #233; differently from the usual: I use light as if it were ink or carbón.
I like the precisión in the clutter, the perfect finish of a draft, the #243 use of materials and knowledge without following all the rules pautadas.

With those wickers is difficult #237;cil not wanting to fly, and although at first sóI did it in sueños, almost asleep, this 2019 I have begun (followed) the journey of, by which I intend to live, work, create and enjoy sharing the adventure.


Development and take to the plane fíi know my own and external ideas concerning art, designñ or decoration #243;n. Combining tools, #233;cnicas and traditional materials with other current #225; allows me to get accurate work, delicate and surprising.

I offer my own products, and I also #233 collaborate with artists who want to give a novel touch and appearance to their ideas.

>When they ask me whaté goals or challengesíyou have Duermevuela, what I really feel is that the journey itself is in sí the same goal; but if I had to define one in particular, beíto share with friends, compañeros and customers knowledge and needs: reach agreements, resolve them, fulfill and make this enjoyment my livelihood.


The complete team of Duermevuela úonly is #225; formed by mí.

The good part is that I barely argue, and the least positive can be the high númere hours I invest in designñar, measure, adapt, cut, learn other técnicas, look for new materials, clean, glue, package work…


Carlota García Ahlers

"Es encantador"

Por error llegó con el nombre equivocado, al contactar con Gabriel fue muy amable, me ayudó con la gestión del cambio y me envió el espejo nuevamente con en 48h. Además de un detalle por la confusión. Cuando encuentras gente así de amable hay que agradecerlo!!

05 Dec, 2020