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Dotze Vins
"La representación más exclusiva de las doce denominaciones de origen de Cataluña"
Vinos ecológicos, tradicionales y artesanales de Cataluña.


Dotzevins was #243 born 6 añ ago; with the idea of publicizing the main #237 characteristics of each DO of Cataloniaña.

For this, you have chosen 12 wineries that carefully take care of their viñ that are respectful of the environment, ecológicos, traditional and artisanal in the elaboration #243;n of their wines and that together with the collaboration of their #243;n their inólogos, have produced our own wines, with which we want to express and show, the properties and particularities of each denomination #243;n of origin that exist in Cataloniaña: DO Alella, DO Penedès; DO Terra Alta, DO Conca de Barberà, DO Catalunya, DO Costers del Segre, DO Pla de Bages, DO Montsant, DO Empordà, DO Tarragona, DOQ Priorat and DO Cava.

All this encompassed in a single brand "DOTZE" and with a relationship #243;n very linear and mid-range/high-end quality/price.


In the distribution #243;n and sale of the 12 wines we have produced, to publicize the twelve Denominations of Origin that we have in Cataloniaña, through #233 different channels: Horeca, specialized shops, company gift, exportón and online sale so that the private customer #233 can also access our wines, allí where we do not have distribution#243;


The company is made up of two friends, in which apart from its passion for #243 wines, we have shared other hobbies over the years of #241;we have been friendly since we have known each other since childhood


Aparte from the two of us, we have an entire external team of professionals who collaborate with the company, such as distributors, design teamño and marketing, translators, companies logísticas, etc.