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"La mejor cosmética ecológica certificada"
Cosmética con sensibilidad ecológica


Dhyvana nació 5 añ ago to revolutionize the cosmética and give it a turn towards a positive más prism, with ecológica sensitivity. That is why our fórmulas are #225;n free of sinté harmful elements, and our philosophyía está free of tóxica or dissophilic communications.

The result is a novel, healthy and beneficial bet.


Dhyvana is the natural, #243;n in the cosméecológica: a natural #225;s facial care, más effective and más tolerant with all skin types, because it is #225; free of #233; rgenos. Our natural fónatural ingredients with 100% certified ingredients take care of you in a healthy and sustainable #225 way. As it is not diluted, nor containing tóxic agents, our fórmulas are more #225 effective, offering #233;in real results from the first application #243;n and without side effects.

The cosmética of the future does not understand of age or of cánones, sólo auténtica natural beauty.


We are three engineers convinced that it is possible to do things in a better way for everyone, being económica and socially responsible. We believe in quality, detail and innovation #243;n, and we are committed to collaborating with local suppliers to create totally new products, moreás healthy and sustainable with the skins and with the planet.