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"Café ecológico de calidad realmente sostenible"
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Do about five años, Miguel and Aitor, we were left to have a café and it was at that time, when we realized the amount of waste that was generated every time we took #225 a café (and there were a few to the día).

Debuencafé was born with the main objective of avoiding the consumption of cáaluminum and/or plástico capsules, which generate daily tons of waste that is practically #225;cticaly impossible to recycle.

To do this we use cápsulas and bags 100% behaveable, that do not generate waste, and that allow to continue enjoying a café ecológico of first quality without sacrificing the comfort of preparing a café with the push of a botón.

Además, to all this, we join the possibility of generating employment by giving opportunities to people of disadvantaged groups.


It's a triple-impact company:

  • Egal impactógico since all our café is ecológico and our cápsulas and bags are compostable.

  • Impacto social, since we work with foundations and special employment centers.

  • Sym local económico, because whenever possible we work with local suppliers.

Además, we are the first spañcafé to obtain the B Corp.

¿Qué means for us to be B Corp?

The B Corp companies are those that generate a positive impact on society through #233;s of its activity using its power to generate a better world. Being part of the B Corp family means for us that we have acquired for life a commitment to continuous improvement in everything we do. Incorporating the most beneficial measures #225 the planet, the citizenía and the economía local.

Thans to be part of a family that in España already assumes more than #225 100 B Corp companies, we are sure that we will help promote more sustainable #225 behaviors in society.


itor Guerra and Miguel Munilla (a Basque and a Galician) were the founders of Debuencafé.

We're six people now, and we hope to keep growing,

Victoria Parra Ortiz
16 Apr, 2021
Raúl Gómez

"Bien envalado"

Bien envalado. Cumple todo lo que dice.

17 Apr, 2021