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Productor de Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra, Premium de variedad Picual


Qualiva was bornó in 2020 thanks to our enemy of the moment. Sí, sí, el Covid-19. Luis, the artífice of this project, was in China working as a fútbol coach when he decidedó to make an exprés visit to the family. “¡Qué well!” -pensó Luis- “take advantageé this week to spend time with the míos, recharge batteries and eat everything I like más”. What you don't knowía is that a few days before your flight back the news about China will startían to fill newscasts.

Sin heeding the recommendations of his mother, who as a good visionary knewía that this Covid was more ás than it seemsía, Luis leftó heading to Barajas. The móvil did not stopó of sounding all the way: they were his friends and compañeros of work of China contándole that the situationón había worsened and that it was in serious doubt to be able to return to work normally. Así that, suitcase in hand in front of the entrance door to the airport, Luis found himselfó facing a dilemma of these that change your life. And, well, Luis' internal battle won itó Cualiva.

Qualiva is the result of many debates about the situationón agríqueue in Jaén. It is the desire to give a twist to the traditional way of working, in which the small farmers work hard to get the máximo yield to their productionón, but they take the least benefit. The closure of an entire production cycle, from the care of the olive trees in the fields of the Sierra Sur de Jaén region to the treatment of the olive in the local mills, and its subsequent packaging and labeling.

Is the effort of many people who work with the illusion of creating a quality product: from farmers who take care of the field with care throughout the year to olive trees, who get up in the middle of winter to farm olive trees. Cualiva is the manager of the oil mill who decides to bet on the ecológico and the local, and alsoén Luis, who risksó to stay in a small town of 700 inhabitants with few opportunities instead of returning to his job in a city with a population of 6,500,000,


Somos a family business selling EVOO and EVOO Ecológico of early harvest.

The oil we produce is of picual variety and early harvest. The harvest is carried out in the months of October and November when the olive isá todavía green.

The olive groves are located in the region of the Sierra Sur de Jaén, situación with a climatic conditionsógicas, orográficas e hidrológicas magníficas for the cultivation of the olive tree since the largestía of these están to más of 800 meters above sea level.

At the moment the three Cualiva products are:

  • Oil Oil Extra Virgin.
  • O-243;gico Extra Virgin Olive Oil (from olives grown in an ecológico mode).
  • Pack Cualiva (both types).

As for the diseño, we wantedíto create something that would attract attentionón and arouse the curiosity of the client just by seeing it, and así break a little with the típeaks diseños clásicos and traditional that oil brands usually have.

Nos quedó a young, modern and auténtico result that we are very happy about.

We are starting and we want to go little by little. In less than a year of creation of the company we have managed to sell in France and Denmark. We are established in a couple of Spanish restaurantsñoles and in gourmet shops in País Vasco, Madrid, Málaga, Granada and Jaén. So we are very proud.

Nos gustaría claro está to reach a greater European public, which was the great objective of the brand since its creationón. But as they say, without haste and with good handwriting.


As I mentioned, we are a family business. In the family we are 4 siblings and my parents. A total of 6, although the person in charge of prácticamente everything is Luis Ruiz, my person.

Y'm responsible for managing everything related to the brand, that is, marketing, getting new contacts, opening foreign market, fairs, congresses, web etc.