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"Joyas de tu Corazón, a mi inspiración!"
Joyas de diseño


In this wonderful world of the #241;o and creativity, #237; by the hand of artists and since 1991 supported by the world of fashion.

Comencé more than 20 añ ago;you from other directions and from the need to fill that space that no one coversí a… I am art, pasión and designñ or always in constant motion in my world. Alcalá of Henares, my cradle of inspiration #243;n, I breathe art in every corner and I breathe, to bring to you its corners in every piece….in every designedñ or.

With the idea of filling that space…I have always been very restless in trying to please so many different women, without losing my essence and my style. I always have a piece in mind for you, regardless of your style, I try to have something of every place I've traveled through and invite you to take it with you. 


A día I realized that between tastes and colors, rightíto the birth of a business from the pasión, from what I #225;s likes, from the changes of Díto día, from giving to every designedñor that touch so of every one in every accessory….in the end it's just that…pasión for what I do and I want to get there #237; where that world needs to be designedñadores we get….it's a non-stop that has no end



Just me,

Olga Dapena Madrid


Genial y profesional.

14 Jun, 2020

Gracias por tu valoración, trabajamos cada día por ofrecerte lo mejor♥

Creadiva 15 Jun, 2020
Miquel Jimenez Gonzalez

"Buena compra"

26 Oct, 2020

Gracias por tu valoracion

Creadiva 06 Apr, 2021
Miquel Jimenez Gonzalez

"Buen producto"

10 Jan, 2021

Gracias por tu valoracion

Creadiva 06 Apr, 2021
Olga Dapena Madrid

"Muy bueno"

Muy bien y muy rápido.

06 Mar, 2020
Olga Dapena Madrid


Muy rápido, tiempo estipulado.100%recomendable.

13 Mar, 2020
09 May, 2020
Olga Dapena Madrid


Excelente la comunicación y gran traro

25 Aug, 2020
19 Oct, 2020