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Certified Bioecological Cosmetology
"Excelencia en cosmética artesanal, funcional y ecológica"
Cosmética e higiene natural


When we discovered the effectiveness of natural ingredients we began to live surrounded by them and learned to use and manipulate them as a routine in our daily lives by creating functional products thinking about our health.

Depassed by the excellence of artisanal, functional and ecológica cosmética, we decided to specialize in the adventure of cosmética and natural hygiene and its legalities. In the mean #225, we came to life in our lab with #243 craft certification. Between final course works and laboratory premieres was #243; Calmorrane, an ointment designed in the care of the anal area e íntima that becomesó that "mágica cream" that we used for #225 everything at home and that our family and friends also #233 began to include in their daily routines.


Somos Laboratory Bioecológico Certified, SL where we have specialized in formulating, manufacturing and packaging products for hygiene and personal care anchored in the excellence of artisanal, #233 functional and ecológica.

We nurment our products in research and #243 collective learning, based on #225 real experiences and the contribution of medical professionals, química and natural cosmética. At Lab CBC we manufacture under the recommendations of Good PráManufacturing Techniques ón (BPF), Standard Work Processes (PNTs) and General Records

Sambién we have Título de Taller artesano by the Junta de Castilla y León

Our values are: love, honesty, respect, commitment, collective learning and professionalism.


The Lab CBC family is made up of four people and our respective collaborators, specializándonos each in a área, although we participate in all: researchón, formulation #243;n and manufacturing#243;n, design #241;o and marketing and the área commercial and administrative 

To all the people we make up make us aware of the importance of fulfilling our manifesto, values and intentions. By committing, we put at #225;ximo our capabilities to achieve excellence at every step.