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Health and beauty

Olive Aove Cosmetics
"Cosmética de Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra"
Productos de higiene y cuidado personal artesanales


We start in the año 2007 with the #243 elaboration of artisanal olive oil soaps based on traditional recipes of the area.

We were born with the #243 intention of taking advantage of the natural resources of the area, mainly Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

And give a value toñaido.


Thoth a small #241 company dedicated to the manufacture #243;n of hygiene and personal care products based on extra virgin olive oil.

We deal #243 with raw materials, #243; #243;n, packaging, labelling and placing on the market of all our products, formulating#243;n, packaging, labelling and placing on the market of all our products.

Aloys sell throughout the national territory in different outlets, such as: spas, spa, mills, gourmet shops, olive oil museums, áservice areas, etc

And we continue to work on developing new products and new sales channels.


We are a family business, where the team is #225; consisting of two people:
  • Antonia Sevilla, Degree in Environmental Sciences and #233 technical Responsible laboratory.
  • Ildefonso Diaz, Officer of Almazara and Técnico in Olivar Irrigation Systems, as Manager.