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Cocolo Jewels
"Diseño y Arte en Metal"
Pequeñas joyas innovadoras y de calidad


I are a family of goldsmiths who beganó to repair small jewelry at home, over time we grew and formedándonos in the matter during más of 30 años.

Realized all kinds of goldsmith jobsía with a well-defined goal, that of learning and being as professional as possible.

Now to being a very artisan sector, a way of life and dedication to the customer is created.

Cocolo Jewels was born in 2016 under the experience in the jewelry sectoría and high bisutería, we work with innovation and qualities to offer the customer a product of high quality and competitiveness.


Con a well-defined máxima of feeling and enjoying what we do to be able to transmit to you our illusionón that we handcraft with our hands we manufacture in España.

Controling all processes from designño, foundryón, baño, to assembly and distributionón.

We just want you to choose us,

y that when you put on a COCOLO you will notice different.


We are a team of 4 Goldsmiths / Designñadores put at your service.