"Cuando se mezcla la pasión por el diseño, la obsesión por el detalle y el más profundo conocimiento y respeto por la madera, sólo puede haber un resultado: CLASSNUDO"
Gafas artesanas de madera
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Padre Isla, 29 24950 Vidanes, León


Hyla, we are Isidro, Javi, Kechu and David. Four entrepreneurs we have been working on the designs #241 since 2015; and manufacture #243 of wooden glasses; After #233 our furniture and doors company went through a bad time due to the already known crisis, we decided to take a twist on the business and pivot it to a sector that takes us back to #237 a lot and where we can #237; we contribute all our experience working with wood as a raw material.

A día today we are proud to have already built moreás of 7000 sunglasses by hand and even though we also #233 work with machinery and más modern technologyía, every piece of every glasses we manufacture in España remains única. There is not a single piece like it because the wood "is #225; alive". Mágico, ¿don't think?

We have the idea of being lícrafted deres in wooden sunglasses, being the manufacture #243 of each piece única and exclusive.


Constitute in manufacturing an artisan product, sunglasses in wood, responsible for the environment, without plás;sticos, recyclable, that does not pollute and that is único for each client.

To where our customers let us arrive, our illusión is to create a large family that believes in leaving a better planet to our children, grandchildren. And with a thing in común, a product that differentiates us, that is natural, the touch of wood transmits life, a brand Classnudo.


Está consisting of 4 people, working to try to form the ClassNudo family: Isidro, Javi, Kechu and David.