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"El futuro es hoy."
Comercialización de Mascarillas y otros productos elaborados con Cooptech.


The company BPI SMART SL, was born in June 2020 with the aim of marketing its figénicas and reusable smartmask masks and other products, all made with the micro partícula COOPTECH.

Dicha micro partícula is a textile complement made of #237 antibacterial technology -patented- of última generaón, made with copper and zinc wire.

Thanks to the properties of these metals, 99.9% of viruses, bacteria and other patógenos microorganisms such as SARS-COV-2 causing COVID-19.

Our products comply with the most stringent health regulations #225;s, such as the UNE-65 NATIONAL CERTIFICATE and the EUROPEAN CERTIFICATION CWA-#211 17553:2020.


Our company markets manufactured products, all of them, with the micro partícula COOPTECH and distributes them throughout España.

Made products are: SMARTMASK (hygiénicas and reusable masks), SMART FIBER (ecol bayetteó SMART INSOLES (antibacterial and anti-odor insoles), SMART MOP (ecolómicrofiber mop) and SMART SOCK (dress socks, antibacterial and anti-odors).

Our idea is to be able to distribute our products throughout the national #237;a geography and try to disseminate and publicize the quality of our products.


In the BPI group we work around fifty people, we have 30 distributors spread throughout España and we are present at 45 países.

Tamara Martínez Carmona
28 Jul, 2021