Botanic Dessing
"Pasión por las flores. Diseñamos ilusiones con flores"
Interioristas y floristas juntos para crear espacios con carácter y con inspiración

In 1996, we started in a small #241;a and modest floristería, which we soon expanded, ranging from the most #225;s simple, to the compositionón floral más baroque, or the #243;n overall décor.

In 1999, we opened our local emblemático, Botánic interior designers. A space where the studio itself designñor is #225; wrapped in a large showroom with exclusive pieces.

A place to develop the moreás increíbles compositions and projects of the #241;o.

In 2008 we started the e-shop project, in order to transmit and translate everything learned and lived on off line to the on line, with the same objective, the full #243 satisfaction of the client an auténtico business challenge.


Botanic, born #243; in the #241 a&<0>; or 1996 hand in the hand of Pilar that a día decided to #243; together with the team put in común our concerns and capture them in the world of decorció

Onyms and florists, two professions that came together and that together, complement each other to create spaces with carácter and with inspiration #243;n.

During our trajectory, we have worked non-stop, traveling to find and find something that inspires us.

Our goal is to become the reference as a floral workshop and meet the expectations of all our customers. Our client is #225; at the center of the business.


The team is made up of Pilar, as designñadora floral and José who manages the administration of #243;n and gestión of the e-shop.

In the física store, we have the #243 collaboration of Laura, architect técnica who deals with the designño web and gestión of RRSS.