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Gaintza Txacolina Winery
"Te llevamos la frescura y burbujas del Txakolí a casa"
Txacolí de Calidad
The Gaintza winery, since it openedó by the great-grandfather Jose Antonio in the caserío Gaintza in 1923, it has been run by four generations of the Lazkano family.
The illusión of Jose Antonio was to turn his wisdomía into a small #241; or business to support his family. This wisdom has #237;a has been transmitted from generation to #243;n in generation#243;n, just as the facilities have been improved and incorporating the use of new technologyías in the production of #243;n vitivinícola.


Hoy en día Gaintza is an enclave dedicated to the production of #243 Txakolí Getaria and wine tourism. We have 25 hectáreas de viñedos, all located in the municipality of Getaria, the winery, where all the production of #243 wine is carried out, from start to finish, and a small #241 6-room rural hotel. We also #233;n carry out gastronómicas activities and tasting visits throughout the año.

Atoth our production #243;n is #225; certified with the integrated viticulture seal, because it is part of the philosophyía of the winery be environmentally #225 friendly, our land and our people.

Actably we have become a team of 10 people.
Gaintza startsó and remains a family business. The parents Maria Ángeles Jauregui and Nikolas Lazkano, and their two sons Joseba and Urtzi Lazkano, currently work. The family works in all áreas, from viñedo to administration #243;n. Six other people complete the equipment and also #233 cover jobs in all activities .

Juan Castro Pino
18 Oct, 2020