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"BelOleum, el Oro líquido del Bajo Aragón"
Aceite de oliva virgen extra del Bajo Aragón


BelOleum nació in November 2017 in order to publicize the oil of The Lower Aragón of the histórich mill of our family in Belchite. We think that its quality deservedía treatment as a gourmet product, both for the domestic and international market, with a present #243;n and #241;or in line with the #225 most demanding tastes of the market.


We promote and sell the AOVEs of our land in exclusive format. One of our goals is to publicize Belchite and its oils, with special énfasis in the variety autóctona Empeltre (of black olive), highly valued for its special flavor and peculiar nuances.


The three legs of this bank are Román, Iñigo and TJ. All three share all the company's work, from the process of creating the product #243;n to the #243;n and marketing #243 the product.


Francisco Javier Martínez Tapias

"Sencilla y rapido en la entrega"

13 Oct, 2020