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Basq Company
"Be part of the change"
Zapas 100% recicladas

Basq was born as the fruit of an illusionón, the goal was to unite the #243 passion for surfing, fashion and respect for the environment.

Empezó with the idea of creating the most #225 sustainable shoes and committed to the planet and the océanos.

Tras más of two añ#243;n we manage to transform some of the waste that more #225;s contaminate the océ years, such as plás;sticos and neumáticos, into our 100% recycled shoes.

The brand and product have expanded más allá from this original idea based on shoes and we have incorporated different garments maintainedébeing faithful to our espíritu de designño sustainable and 100% recycled.

Our name “basq” refers to the place where the idea is born, from the imposing cliffs that form the landscape of our land, whipped by the cantábrico sea we have been permanent spectators of the bravura of the sea, the strength of its waves, the beauty of the natural. It is the sea that #241;at our expense that servedó inspired by #243;n to create basq.

But not only the sea, the waves and the cliffs are part of our landscape. Our logo is a clear example of this. The image of the surfer walking while carrying his board has become something as #250 as the waves themselves. Allá where there are waves we'll be,

The surfer represents #225 also athletes, men and women, people of the sea committed and concerned by that medium that gives them so much and for the planet in general. That's why the image of basq cannot be #237;to be another.


Nacer on the coast and the pasió́n by surfing made us #769;to be in permanent contact with the sea, converté́by direct viewers of có́mo thiśwe are destroying.

Indiscriminate and conscienceless consumption, you are #225;́ causing dañ̃os not only in the océ́ years but all over the planet.

In basq we are aware that the planet is #225;́ in danger and have decided to take #243 action;́n and put our grain of sand to protect it.

We are looking not to give ñ̃or benefit the environment through #233 our products, #769 #769&

We will be part of the change we seek in the world and that yoú also #233;́n be it. From ahí our message “be part of the change”