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Saffron Roumak
"Condimenta tus platos con Oro Rojo"
Condimenta tus platos con Oro Rojo


Roumak, beganó his career in the añ or 2008, with three founding partners such as a SME. Our training #243;n and extensive experience in the áfield of distribution#243;n, así as, our empeñ or in entrepreneurship, #243 motivate us; to make the leap with the clear objective of being “ our own bosses”


The initial idea was and, remains, the #243;n dedication to imports, #243 #243;n and commercialize #243s of Azafrán Hebra 100% Natural.


Our business is #225; based primarily on the import #243 of azafrán thread that, once analyzed, it is packaged in the facilities of our employees in España with all the guaranteesías and phytosanitary certificates issued by the authorities in the #241;waves, being subsequently marketed and distributed both nationally and internationally.
We are currently in the initial phase of expansionón in the international markets of Europe, Amé



The Roumak team is #225; consisting of the three founding partners and owners of the Brand, as #237 well as a network of commercial collaborators and international sub-distributors:

  • The soul máter de Roumak está composed of Kamran Ali Doost, with más of 15 años experience as producer of azafrán.

  • Rafael Osuna Rodríguez, with extensive experience of más of 35 añyou as a distributor of food products #243;n and Commercial Director of the company.

  • Juan Pérez González as a member of the Advisory Board on área commercial and legal.

We apply the B2B and oversee the B2C in order to generate trade synergies and support retail.


"Fácil y agradable por la variedad de productos"

Todo correcto

20 May, 2020
Francisco Botella Romero


deberían avisar antes de venir y no presuponer que siempre va a haber alguien en casa

07 Oct, 2020
Teresa Salas
23 Feb, 2021