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Saffron Desbrín
"Aporta pasión a tus recetas"
Azafrán de Villarrobledo, en el corazón de La Mancha


We are a young company that we try to recover a millennial crop from the heart of #243 la Mancha. Azafrán captivates usó three years ago;#241;and since then we work to make its use everyday again in our #237 gastronomy. For this we practice ecológica agriculture in a traditional way, but we adapt to the #233 sales techniques linked to a global market and the moreás strict sanitary requirements.

Our idea is to #160;get the #243 recovery of the use of azafrán of máxima quality in the kitchens, in a sustainable way for our environment and económicamente. We practice fair price with our suppliers and do not use what #237;#250;n type.


We bring the highest quality #225 azafr&;n to our customers, using short distribution channels#243;n to control quality until it reaches the customer.

We don't get límites, but we'll never lose our essence even if the sales volume increases



So four of us usually más the labor needed in peaks of work, such as in harvest or moments of large orders.

A short, we are a family business made up of three brothers and our mother

21 May, 2020