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"Un Avataker para cada miembro de la familia"
Prendas con diseños exclusivos y personalizados


With más of 15 años experience as a freelance designñador and illustrator and with fully self-taught #243;n form, Sergio Ordóñez (with portfolio at has worked for smallñas and major brands such as Toyota, Hasbro or Nestlé.

Avataker is a family project where we also have #225;s of fun, #233 learn and practice the different stamping techniques #243;n available in the artisanal production #243 of personalized garments.


We come garments with exclusive designs #241 created by ourselves and customized for each customer. We start as a hobby and want to make it a totally professional activity.


Sergio Ordóñez Suánez, my partner Perla Alcaráz and my fathere Salvador Ordóñez Viluya.
Miguel Ángel Cañadas González

"Perfecta camiseta, muy bonita"

Todo genial, muchas gracias, la camiseta es muy bonita.

08 Dec, 2020
Miguel Ángel Cañadas González

"Todo fenomenal de nuevo, gracias"

Todo perfecto.

21 Dec, 2020