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Arcaduz Ceramics
"Producto artesanal. Producto con alma"
Diseño, creación, experimentación y divulgación de la cerámica como arte


Arcaduz Cerámica was born in 2013 because of the need to have a space of disseño y creación, of experimentation #243;n and dissemination #243 of cerámica as art.

We understand cerámica as one of the artísticas más creative disciplines, unión through the hands of essential elements of nature: mud, water, air and fire.

Four-woman craft hands, which in an increasingly más domotized world give value to pieces obtained with elements of nature through manual processes.


We make artisanal cerámica in all its facets, from the piece única as an expressón artística to the utilitarian piece plus básica, the pottería, the cerámica artística, sculpture, decoration #243;n and also #233;n la joyería.And we make it with a wide range of técnicas cerámicas with a characterística común, are artisan pieces.


Each and every piece we make is únicas, is #225;n made each of them by hand, each of them has its own soul, its own personality.


Arcaduz Cerámica is a place to share space and knowledge with those who want to know it. That's why we also #233 workshops, courses and monográficos.


Arcaduz Cerámica we are Rosa, Maria, Montse and Aurora.