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Arbelis Apícola Products
"Cuidamos de tu salud"
Elaboración de miel propia de Toledo


Already ten years already;#241;you the owner of the #243;n Juan Alonso Sánchez, began to #243; to acquire little by little moreás hives by the illusión to learn a trade as beautiful as beekeeping, reaching to date a modest exploitation of #243 220 hives censed and distributed in four hives, located all of them in a natural area called Sierra de San Vicente and belonging to the province of Toledo.  This enclave, belongs to the Natura 2000 Network and isá declared by the Unionón European as ZEC (Special Zone of Conservationón).

ARBELIS Products Apícolas, is a registered trademark of the Españpatent and trademark wave, which aims to defend a 100% natural product on the market, as is our honey of #243;n own and limited, así like other products derived from the hive.  This means that there may be éfew of the añor in which we no longer have honey and the faithful consumer, you have to wait until the new honey to enjoy our exquisite and exclusive honey.

There already two años, we have been able to install annex to our family home, the honey packer, in order to be able to serve the business in the best possible way and offer the consumer, without any #250;n intermediary, a 100% natural product from the field to the table.


The illusión of this family business, is to offer the final consumer a gift of nature, for consumption guaranteeing all its properties. In order for these products to be produced in the best conditions, the beekeeper carries out his work, taking into account the flora, fauna and climate of the area, taking care of the health of the hives and benefiting the environment with its interestón.

The #243;n production of honey, taking into account the élittle of the año (spring-honey of a thousand flowers, June-July-honey casteño, August-September-honey of holm oak), it is taken to the packer in a first phase to extract honey from the paintings, product that accumulates in drums for its decantación.

Aproxidally per month, it proceeds to its packaging, labelling and subsequent sale,  in order to guarantee at all times the high quality of our products.

Atpeat this, it is done with the largest guaranteeías hygieénico sanitarias.

Our production #243;n is exclusively own and limited, selling in its entirety the annual #243 production of honey until the end of stock. Our customers understand that the quality of the product not only derives from the product in sí itself, but from its own and limited #243 production.

The úonly objective that the arBELIS honey brand has is for the customer to value the quality of this product and its limited #243 production is in the hands of a type of customer who really knows and values the excellent nutritional and healing qualities of this product.


The owner of the operation #243;n is a person física en régimen de trabajador autónomo, Mr Juan Alonso Sánchez.

07 Sep, 2020