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"Zumo de aceitunas, esencia del mar de olivos de Jaén"
Aceites de oliva virgen extra


The Andalusion project has only one déevery life, but its background goes back to the first to  #241;

In the año 1903, Benito Morente Rosell beganó to plant olive trees in the middle of campiña de Jaén, in the Caseríor of the Magdalena, Porcuna.

In 2011, the third generation #243;n of olive growers decided toó to make the leap to implement a new form of oliviculture and to the elaboration of #243;n and commercial #243ized extra virgin olive oils primor.


Our olive groves are smallñor payments located in the surroundings of Porcuna in the province of Jaén, place of origin par excellence of españ olive oil;ol.

Work begins with the cultivation of the olive tree and the soil is the center of our olive grove management. We fight erosión with vegetable cover and make sure that there is no lack of org matteránica, minerals and microorganisms that give life to our olive trees.

We collect the olives at their perfect ripen #243ing point to obtain extra virgin olive oils unique.

Ex exquisite steels of supreme quality based on our picual and arbequina varieties.


We are a team of people with a #243 vocation; clear for oliviculture and elaiotechnics. We apply our agronómycos, elaiotécnicos and márketing knowledge to the cultivation of our olive trees, make it #243;n ecolóhigh-end extra virgin olive oils and market them all over the world.

Fernando García Bertrán
04 Feb, 2021