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"Mea Claro y Ríete del Boticario"
Alzola Agua Mineral Natural


"Mea Claro and Ríete del Apothecary" phrase used to communicate the proven benefits of

the waters of Alzola to clean the #241;ones and purify the blood, #250;n the proven studies

by physicians médicos of the élittle and reflected in the Recipe Histórich Médica de Balneario de

Alzola, since 1,801,

BalenzateguiSA, a bottling company of Alzola Basque Water, is a family business with a

clearly social location. In 2012 she was #243; immersed in a creditor contest of the

that was reinforced in 2019. The recent investment #243;n in its production #237;neas #243;n, su

participation #243 a pioneering project to minimize the environmental impact of your activity and

the diversification #243;n of formats make its offer a guarantee of #237 quality in the world of Water

Mineral Natural.


Natural Mineral Water Packaging that came naturally, without overexploding the acuífero.


Cataloged as an SME, BalenzateguiSA currently has about 30 people

distributed to the #237;a in the ámbito of packaging and logística. Laboratory, Office,

Communication ón and Commercial add up to form a humble team of very people

sensitized with product quality assurance.