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Althaia Artesana
"Althaia, Mediterranea Brewery"
Elaboración Artesanal

lthaia Artesana was born in 2014 in the Marina Baixa, in the Mediterráneo. The production #243;nntegra of the whole process is located hereí in the village of Altea, demolish the grain to the ripen #243ing in the bottle. Mayte came to Alicante to continue her professional career in the world of wine known to #243; whom today is her husband Jorge. A dí

probasting Jorge's beers, éste confessed to himó that his sueñ or it was always to live on what he #225 liked, to make beer. Both, passionate about the elaboration #243;n do not #160 it; they thought twice. After all, if not now ¿whatándo? Así so Jorge Sánchez is the alchemist. A beer enthusiast who, after many añ <2>;he prepares, decides to live his sueñ o. Make a high quality craft beer whose único ingredients  are water, malt, lúpulo and yeast and get así a beer in balance,mediterránea in marriage to our sun, our sea, our gastronomy #237;a.


Thee say that Althaia is the ancient name of our people, Altea. It is a word of Greek origin meaning “I curo” or “I healthy”. For us it symbolizes the perfectionón the two pillars of this project.  on the one hand, our philosophy í as laborers because we make 100% natural beers with técynics very respectful with the product. We do not filter, pasteuriza or use artificial additives or preservatives. The gas and foam of our beers are obtained naturally and #160; this makes drinking feel better and become more #225;s digestives.

This makes drinking them feel better and become more #225 digestive. On the other hand, being the name of our village for us symbolizes our lifestylethe Mediterráneo, sea, coast, beach and sun beers. That is why we make with a lot of love and looking to make the best possible beers, so that  our customers can enjoy drinking them as much as we did; #233;ndola.


The Althaia's team is currently Jorge Sánchez (Head Brewer), Cristina Veltkamp (Brewer and quality control) and Mayte Pardo (Manager

Jose Sielva Lopez
15 Dec, 2020