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Chirlata Almonds
"Almendras directas de nuestro campo."
Producción y Elaboración de Almendras


Somos Olga and Paco. We are happy to tell you about our project and our change of life,

Somos producers of ecológicas almonds in the Altiplano Granadino.

Our project was born #243; a reinvention #243;n of ourselves when our family textile company sankó and the labor market left us out because of age. We will not tell you that it was fácil, but sí that we do not live this circumstance as an end, but as an opportunity to begin a new stage believing in ourselves and our principles, knowing that there was much we #237 could do, learn and enseñar.

There are by simple family education #243;n with deep raíces in the rural world, we have always been very close to natural needs and human relations.

It has the opportunity to start over in our rural life makes us very #237 happy so we consider that we have #237 to be the bond of unión between the rural world and people who do not have the opportunity to enjoy it.

With these principles nació 14 años almonds Chirlata, a family production #243 of ecológicas almonds full of work, illusión and commitment. With varieties carefully chosen by us, which try to bring our ecológicas almonds closer to the people who buy them or to those who adopt their own árbol, make them #233 arrive as their own personal experience, where they can feel their smell and taste, moving their senses to our field.

In Chirlata Almonds we think “we collect what we sow” and we sow human capital. We collaborate with people with intellectual disabilities and affected by Alzheimer's and #225;ncer. We sow social #237 creating employment in disadvantaged areas and fair trade between producer and direct consumer.

We want our project and our Almonds to like you as we do.


Almendras Chirlata is a direct producer of high quality ecológicas almonds, distributor and seller of almonds by kilos and wholesale. We harvest ecológica taking care of biodiversity, sowing both human capital and social #237;a, making fair trade between the producer and the direct consumer.

Somos producers of ecológicas-bio almonds, grown extensively, naturally, harvesting así a lower quantity, but of higher quality and más healthy.

Intre the products we make with ecológicas almonds highlight chocolate almonds and almond cream.

Our company performs a careful #243 classification of our ecológicas.

Almendras chirlata is a family business that is distinguished by its principles and the natural quality of our products.

Our sustainable cultivation, enrich our almonds taking care of our environment and rural development.

Así we send it to our direct customers, consumer groups, customers of platforms with which we collaborate, distributors and restoreón.


Somos Olga, Paco and our 3 children Elena, Francisco and Alberto.