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"Tradición, Calidad y Experiencia"

This merchant belongs to the association FADEMUR.
You can find out more about her on herwebsite.

Más de 40 años de tradición alfarera


Alfarería Lista was born in 1979, by José Antonio Añon Lista.

Formed in the Delineación Industrial Branch discovers its true vocation #243;n in the cerámica de Buño, so it decides to follow the traditionón generacional.

Alfarería Lista was the first workshop to introduce the técnica of casting in Buño and its línea creative has led to the turística.
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With more #225;s of 40 años de tradición alfarera we continue to bet on the innovation of #243;n and the continuous improvement of our processes of creation #243;n and finish técnico, to be more efficient and productive without forgetting our quality and recognition.

Always working with the best materials that distinguish us from our competitors.


We are a staff of two people with a system of artisan #243al production, #243;n limited in a market that each día offers more demand.

15 Feb, 2020