"Para dejar huella, primero hay que poner los pies sobre la tierra"

This producer belongs to the association FADEMUR.
You can find out more about her on herwebsite.

Original from Zamora


The history of Agroberry begins in 2015 when you decide to í return to the village. I went at 13 añ and 34, after #233;s to study Communication Sciences #243;n and an MBA and always work in this sector, say #237; undertake in the environment that saw me born: the rural environment.

The idea was to innovate in the agricultural sector. Introduce an alternative crop in the area and introduce irrigation. And as #237; it has been. Now, in addition to #225 being a producer, we close the agri-food cí with our own products.


We have an exploitation #243; blackberries. We grow this berry in the best possible way to sell the fruit in fresh, frozen and in the products derived. We want to get to exportón.


Nuria Álvarez is the promoter but is helped and supplemented by her family