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 "Oils el Tilo" #243 born; within a humble family who have worked and #243 dedicated&<3>; their lives on agriculture. Located in the Sierra de las Villuercas (Cáceres), where there is a great traditionón olive grove, the oil obtained from its olive trees transmits all the love of the land cultivated by the Santos Díaz family. On the banks of the río Ibor, the wildlife is very rich; Luckily, the estate is frequently visited by deer, jabalíes and foxes. The company is called "the Tilo" due to a very long-old linde that has seen olive trees grow during all these años. All efforts and knowledge in the field and olive farming have been transmitted from generation #243;n in generation #243;n, which has improved and the quality of our varietal mono olive oil has been refined and refined. It all started#243; in 2013, when Jaime Carlos Santos Barroso bought #243 the 35 hectáreas with 2000 más olive trees of 50 añdry.os. After #233;s of an año, 7000 olive trees exclusively of the Cornicabra variety were planted with a drip irrigation system. On the farm there are another 30 hectáreas of mediterranean forestáneo with ibérich protected species such as juniper. Sóit is used olives of the Cornicabra variety for the production #243 of an extra virgin olive oil varietal único. The harvesting #243;n takes place in mid-November, exactly when the olives are #225;n at their point ómaturity. Our varietal mono olive oil is traditional in style, with a fruity olive with notes of más ripe than green, with hints of almond and apple; on the palate it is something sweet at the entrance, with a slight almond flavor, a well-noticeable bitterness and somewhat less spicy. A pleasant oil that combines well with food. The extra virgin quality of our oils makes them ideal for raw consumption, vinaigrette, macerationón with aromatic herbs;#225 ethics, garlic and also #233;n for daily use in the kitchen. 


Settle and expand the production #243 of extra virgin oil with the #243 collection of olives in the plant #243;n that is now #225; growing.  Making ourselves known as a company on social networks, food events, competitions…   Getting a market, both domestic and international, where we can sell our product.  Launch our own packaging machine to be able to pack on demand in the long term. 


 Formed the members of the Santos-Díaz family, which are Jaime, Mª Carmen, Pablo and Jaime.
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"Llegó perfectamente"

29 Oct, 2020