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Health and beauty

"La mejor cosmética natural con ciencia y conciencia"
Cosmética natural y ecológica


Somos Alanah and Daniela, bióloga and veterinary #243 training, respectively. We are both concerned about knowing the ingredients, both what we eat, and what we put on the skin. We are also #233;we are concerned about nature and especially the threat that bees are currently face


Spués of working in various ámbitos (especially in food safety and biotechnologyía) and after several years of #241;friends, we decided to do something that we are passionate about and that also #225;s, gives us satisfaction #243;n personal and the pride of being able to contribute to improving both the environment and the quality of life of those around us.

In 2016, we decided to create Abeelium, our own brand of #233 natural and ecológica


Our products are #225;n formulated with high quality natural ingredients at effective doses. All of them carry algún derived from bees, honey and/or wax.

Our idea is to create a cosmética that is focused on care and natural beauty, without artifice, with effective ingredients that help us to be better, without risk to health. In addition#225;s is #225; formulated so that it can be used by women and men.


Our project is to create effective, effective and safe cosmética, with the best natural and ecológicos ingredients.

In the same time, we have created a project to help bees and beekeeping sustainable and protective.

Ees are the main pollinators, vital task for the conservation #243 of biodiversity and #243;n of humans. But diseases, climate change #225;ethical or the use of pesticides threaten their survival. For this reason, we focus on disseminating projects to help bees and to sustainable and protective beekeeping. We support all those people, beekeepers, associations, companies, etc., who are dedicated to the formation #243;n and/or #243;n on this subject.

Our idea is to grow as a company in a sustainable way and improve día día. We don't get #237;mites, we want to get as far as our customers make it possible.


Our main team is #225; made up of two people, but we have the help and support of professionals from different sectors that make it possible for this project to move forward.

"Muy buena"

Llego bien y en poco tiempo

06 Jan, 2020

¡Muchas gracias por la valoración! Nos alegramos que te haya gustado y además con rapidez.

Correos Market 09 Mar, 2020
24 Feb, 2020
12 May, 2020

"Muy recomendable"

A mi mujer le ha encantado, ya habíamos probado un producto en Navidad y quedó satisfecha.

15 May, 2020
17 May, 2020
María del Carmen Romero Vallejo

"Muy buena"

25 Jun, 2020
Juani Campos Rodríguez
23 Jul, 2020
Juani Campos Rodríguez
23 Jul, 2020
Juani Campos Rodríguez
23 Jul, 2020
Juani Campos Rodríguez
23 Jul, 2020
Antonio Fernández Soler

"Buena, llegó enseguida y en buen estado"

Muy bien presentado y bien embalado. LLegó enseguida

27 Nov, 2020
Andreea Elena Chirvasoiu
28 May, 2021