A Xornaleira
"Nuestras protagonistas, las abejas"
Productos apícolas de la alta montaña de Galicia
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Ctra. Covelo nº18 32360 A Veiga Orense

A Xornaleira is a brand of apícolas de la alta montaña de Galicia, which markets the products of the exploitationón apícola de Angel Rodriguez Escuredo located on the slopes of the mountainsñas of Trevi Penanca and Cabeza de Manzaneda.

The exploitation #243;n apícola is born in the añ or 2017, as a hobby but soon becomes a pasión, which causes it to go from 5 hives that haveíwe in 2017 to 30 hives that we have today.

For the growth of the #243;n brand A Xornaleira is created, for the marketing of #243 the products obtained from it. The name A Xornaleira is a tribute to the true artífice of all apícolas products, the bee, which with its tireless work, day after day, provides us with the best products apícolas.

Our protagonists, the bees, take advantage of the existing wild flora on the slopes of Pena Trevinca and Cabeza de Manzaneda, the two systems mountñ más high bears of Galicia. These are two areas classified as Special Protectionón of Natural Values, due to their high degree of conservation #243;n that allows the existence of unchanged ecosystems. The wild flora of these areas are #225; composed of Heaths, Casta ños, Rebollares, Zarzamora, etc.#8230;, all of them develop in natural conditions without the existence of sources of pollutionón nearby.


In the present day in our exploitation #243;n we produce monofloral honeys of heather, casteñ or multiflora. The extraction #243;n, #243 filtration and packaging is done by hand which allows to obtain a honey that preserves its characteristicsínatural characteristics.

Además of honey is #225; creating an línea of handmade soaps made with honey and propóleos obtained from our exploitation #243;n.

In a future, other products will be #225#237;tails such as pollen and royal jelly.


The team of A Xornaleira is currently #225; formed by Angel Rodriguez Escuredo and Mar González Moreira.