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2019 Vindi
"Packaging sostenible en madera"
"Cajas para regalo y artículos del hogar en madera sostenible"


Vindi was #243 born in 2019. The idea was to make a packaging for gift, product presentations, corporate image, events, etc. in wood, different from that that #237 I had in the market and oriented, in principle, to wine, beer, oil, cheese and gourmet product. But at the same time, with a view to making packaging of any type of product


Además, commitment to the environment was a pillar in the idea. Sóit is worked with wood that carries the FSC and PEFC certificate, which assures the consumer a product made of wood from sustainable logging. No type of plú #225;stic or varnishes is used, and the white tail with which it is assembled contains no solvents is used. Handmade, recyclable and reusable product. Also #233;n there is a commitment to, as far as possible, work with local suppliers.


The business is to offer sustainable packaging that is different from the usual market. An attempt is made to give a plus, a value añadido to the product through #233;s of an exterior image that differentiates it from the rest. The product is oriented on the one hand to the gift, both private, institutional and corporate, presenting #243;n of new product, events and on the other to major productions with palletable boxes suitable for #237;os. I intend to make it, in addition to #225;s of a differentiating container, the úonly packaging of the product that can be transported without the need for a bag of cartón or plástico.

The variety is wide,boxes, wooden bags, cases, baskets, exhibitors, etc. The value #233 of a natural, sustainable, non-polluting and reusable product is also important. Arriveá this adventure as far as the market says. My idea is to strengthen clientele, to be able to diversify customers in different sectors and grow generating employment, but without losing the essence of a handmade product. The greatest satisfaction #243;n is felt when a product reaches the customer and this sóit says it two words, "I love it".


To now I do all the production #243;n, the commercial and #243;n work in networks with the timely help of my daughter Paula in this último. I come from the world of furniture, I know well how wood is worked and I know the commercial work well


"Botellero de madera sin tratar."

Tal como indica el vendedor, muy bien protegido el paquete se ve resitente ,ideal por si lo quieres pintar .Llegó en el período previsto.

23 Aug, 2020

Muchas gracias por tu valoración, Teresa.

2019 Vindi 10 Sep, 2020
21 May, 2020
Luis Zurita

"Excelente botellero"

Muy buen acabado, grandes calidades y cuidado en el diseño.

02 Nov, 2020
M Leonor Vecina Vecina
08 Apr, 2021