Get ready for a series marathon

Un until not long ago, the consumption of television content was based on what the networks had scheduled that day so viewers had no choice but to 'swallow with what they threw out'. With the advent of digital platforms, the model has changed and now it is the public that is in control of when, where and what to see. Thanks to this, a widely followed and applauded form of leisure has emerged, which are the Series Marathons or binge-watching, in its English expression, which consists of watching more than three chapters (minimum) of the same series in one go. Watching a TV series in one go could be considered reading a good novel. Both entertainment hook and it is difficult not to move on to the 'next chapter' when the plot has taken an unexpected turn.

For now, the most extreme seriephiles know that before binging, you have to prepare a suitable equipment and environment. First and most importantly, a good television (with the maximum possible inches) and headphones, so as not to disturb those who decide to retire. Discreet cushions and a good blanket are essential to fit comfortably in the armchair and, if you prefer to see curled up in bed with the laptop, a wide wooden base or tray, for example, can prevent unwanted accidents.

The provisioning depends on each moment and it will be necessary to change the 'menu' as the hours go by. If you start at the desktop, then a good one is not bad

café or infusion accompanied by cakes, sweets or chocolates. If you are still glued to the screen when snacking you can opt for something salty such as chips, snacks variados, nuts or the traditional popcorn washed down by a beer, a soft drink or a juice. You can even opt for sandwiches and sandwiches based on sausages, cheeses or pâtés to make a snack-dinner and not have to waste time in the kitchen.

Tips to make the session a success:

  • Yern better to choose a TV series with few episodes in the season or with short chapters to watch in an afternoon. Better with moderation.
  • Some critical voices have rejected teleseries marathons for encouraging a sedentary lifestyle. It is advisable to get up from the chair between chapters to stretch your legs and even do some yoga posture.
  • A Netflix study pointed out that most seriéfilos are not envicia in the first chapter of the series, but between the second and fourth so, if you reach the fifth installment and the series does not like, better leave it.

  • It is usual for the television binge to last until dawn. In that case, taking a relaxing infusion during the last chapter helps to fall asleep.

  • N't go into social media or chat with friends who have already seen the series to avoid spoilers, which is the anglicism that defines that ugly habit of gutting the most important parts of the plot.